Out spirit

When simplicity and sophistication meet you are probably thinking about Angela Pascale Spose.

Through a constant search for the finest materials and thorough stylistic care, we create exquisitely tailored dresses.

It is not just a matter of material. The creative soul of our Atelier is designer Angela Pascale, who enchants with her enthusiasm. It is easy to understand that the passion for fashion fuelled at same time the engine of an exuberant and refined creativity.It was her dream since she was a child, living most of her life gazing at patterns, being among outfits, pins and threads, envisioning the next piece to draw.

What enraptures her brides is her attention to the smallest details and that her designs enhance one’s silhouette – thanks to extremely sinuous and sober lines, personalized for each figure.

Women dressed by Angela Pascale are aware of their own beauty – with a confident

But how to fully appreciate the essence of an Angela Pascale dress?

Just by wearing it.